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Not all states have a paid family leave program which I mean 43 don't.
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Not Familiar with PFL?

In short, Paid Family Leave is a wage replacement program that makes it easier for people to bond with a new born (or adopted) child or care for a sick family member.

It is not welfare. The more money you earn then typically the more money you receive from the state. It's a state program and each state is different.

I think it is a great program and it's unfortunate that only a handful of states have implemented it.

That said, it's not a "right" or a "human right" or a "war on women" as described by leftist propaganda. Even people with brains can support Paid Family Leave when it's designed and run well.

Why Does This Website Exist?

That's a good question. This site is not a replacement for the official guidance from your state. If you need official forms or you're trying to make a claim then go to your state's website.

I made this website in a effort to provide more information about Paid Family Leave across the United States and give people an estimate of what to expect from a claim.

From personal experience (four bonding claims) I've found that state websites can be confusing and time consuming to get an estimate of the expected benefit. I was also curious about how my state stacked up against other states. Part of that aspect is that I wanted to understand the cost of each program relative to the benefit. As a voter I want to know whether this is just another money-grab without wading through the socialist propaganda about establishing a nanny-state for the sake of the children!

As you can see from the chart below, there is a wide variation between states on award and cost.
Why An Estimate?

Another important factor in my experience is that my state and I would often disagree on weekly benefit claims. The overall award was fine but I would track my hours/earnings in a spreadsheet (I recommend it still) and compare my calculation of the weekly benefit to what they awarded me.

Sometimes they gave me too much money, sometimes too little. I could call and resolve it (usually I was right) but that takes a lot of time people don't have.

I wanted to provide an estimate and a tracking tool in case someone doesn't have the time to set it up themself.

What Does This Website Do?

1) Calculate an estimate of a Paid Family Leave award for a claim in your state for your specific income. I've tried to make it as easy as possible.

2) Estimate how long it will take to use your specific award. You can also track how long it takes to use and compare the estimate to money awarded by the state.

3) Provide some background and comparison for each state's program. I've tried to summarize and simplify the programs to understand the award and the cost of the program.

Any Tips?

Yes! ...and a solid "maybe."

Each state has specific tips so first start with a look at your specific state's section on the Explain PFL tab. Some state will have additional user information linked in that section (or below). Other states will not if I have not received any first-hand information.

If not, don't despair. Send me your tips or take a look at some other states to see if their landmines might be similar in your state.

How Can I Track My Award?

You can use the Track Benefit tab to see an ideal award distribution as well as track your own payments from the state. Use the estimation tool on the Estimate Award tab or enter in your own information. Below is an example distribution showing how many hours a person could take unpaid and work if done in the 6 weeks immediately after the birth of a child.

Example PFL Award - Ideal

Life often doesn't look like the ideal case. Another table for the same case is below showing how vacation can be used in place of unpaid time off and the benefit is spread over 18 weeks.

Example PFL Award - Real

It also shows a discrepancy in week 10 where the state potentially overpaid the benefit. This seems pretty common and that's why this site provides a tracking tool.